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FLUCHOS Comfort shoes from Spain

More than just comfort

FLUCHOS shoes are 100% made in Spain, which gives them greater control over the quality of materials and finishes.  Fluchos believes that quality is the key to success. They use leather that will develop different shades and hues due to the dye-less finishes that use natural waxes and allow the leather to ‘breathe’.  Fluchos also focuses on research to develop new technologies that allow them to create lighter shoes which regulate temperature, are waterproof, or are more flexible to provide ABSOLUTE COMFORT.   

Fluchos Mariner

The Mariner is a new take on a boat shoe idea.   The Mariner has super-soft leather uppers and a slim rubber sole that incorporates a shock absorber for the heel and a port for ventilation under the foot.   There is also added support in the shoe.   More stylish than a boat shoe, but can be...
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Fluchos Erik Walking Shoe

The Erik has a nubuck leather and fabric upper for comfort and breathability.   The sole has a shock absorber for your heel and a ‘port’ for air to enter and to ventilate the shoe and keep your feet comfortable.  Available in whole sizes only (metric). $189   Sizes currently available:  41, 42, 43, 44 (45 sold...
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Fluchos Fenix

The Fenix has a padded tongue for comfort and an “Ultra-Light” sole that has a shock absorber for your heel and a port to allow ventilation under your foot.  The upper is a soft leather that has been hand-crafted with dye-less finishes which allow the leather to ‘breathe’.    Available in whole metric sizes:  $209
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Fluchos Sumatra

The Sumatra is made with a plump, waxy-feeling, matte finish leather and has a light, cushioned sole with a shock absorber for your heel.   Available in Tan or Navy.   Whole Metric Sizes Only:  $169
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Fluchos Fisherman Sandal

The Fisherman Sandal has super-soft leather uppers, a velcro strap to adjust for width, a rubber sole with a shock absorber for your heel and a port for ventilation under your foot.  Available in whole metric sizes.  $199
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Cap-Toe Blucher

The Cap-Toe Blucher is comfortable and dressy.  The Cap-Toe Blucher has a 100% rubber sole with a shock absorber in the heel for comfort.  Fluchos has also placed an ‘air injection’ technology in the sole to permit air to flow under the insole.  This helps the shoe/foot to breathe.   These comfort features are combined with...
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